Friday, July 25, 2008

New site! New designer diaper bag @ Baby Wears Prada

Shanna at Baby Wears Prada is giving away a completely new $300 designer diaper bag.

How many moms can say they carry a diaper bag that isn't embarrassing? Designer diaper bags are wonderful because they don't look like diaper bags!

Go on over and sign up for her website that will be releasing soon, then confirm your email address.

But thats not all:
"five lucky mammas will win something special from one of the hottest baby designers out there"!

Its a new site that will sell baby clothing, etc. I can't wait :)

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John said...

Pierce, thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate the well-wishes. Unfortunately, I had to delete your comment for my giveaway because you didn't tell me where you would like your gift card from. You know the drill - when you let one slide...

I hate to see anybody miss out though, so please come back and leave me another comment. Thanks and good luck!