Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ohana Mama hosting an Imprecious Jewelry $100 GC giveaway

So I've always wanted something to show off my kids but not appear like I'm overdoing it. The perfect thing is available right now: footprints (if baby is under 18 months this is recommended) of your baby or fingerprints. The Ohana Mama is hosting the giveaway, and it ends May 10th

from the Imprecious site:
1. Design your own combination of custom Imprecious™ jewelry. In our shop you can select chains, bracelets, earings, or jewelry sets with any number of charms you'd like. Or contact us for custom designs to your specifications.

2. Within 7 days (often less), you'll receive your Imprecious™ Print Capture Kit, which includes easy-to-follow instructions, print ID card, and pre-paid return envelope. Each kit includes enough non-toxic putty to make 5 or 6 prints, so you'll have plenty to get wonderful impressions: you'll need two fingerprint imprints to make a single charm. And it's easy! Take a peek at the Instructions here. Imprecious Fingerprint Capture Kit

Place fingerprint impression into empty tubs 3. Place your fingerprint impressions into the empty putty tubs and return the tubs to the tin (along with any leftover tubs or putty - we love to recycle!) Pop the tin into the postage-paid return envelope and drop into the mail.

4. Once we receive your imprints, we individually craft your charms in fine silver. In 2-4 weeks, your hand-made jewelry will be delivered in a beautiful gift tin, with our thanks. We make every effort to get your handmade jewelry to you as quickly as possible, so if you need your goodies faster, let us know - rush handling is available. Imprecious Gift Tin

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