Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Techie Diva presents the HP Magic Giveaway. (ARV $6000 of electronics!)

Our good friends at Techie Diva have put up a hugely generous HP Magic Giveaway contest. So get over there, and enter the contest!

HP & Techie Diva teamed up and are giving away four computers (laptops and pcs) among many other prizes like software and movies. To enter, just post a link to the contest on your blog along with information about the contest, and send Techie Diva an email at hpcontest@techiediva including a short paragraph on what you would do with the package. Include the blog entry as well.

Also in addition to linking back to the Techie Diva page, don't forget to link back to the HP magic giveaway page!

The contest ends December 12th, so be sure to enter it! and soon!

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